About us. We are Leedeo Engineering

Leedeo Academy is the first online school specialized in the railway world. 

Do you want to successfully train your human teams and collaborators?

Do you want to recycle, expand or complete your knowledge in the railway sector?

Do you want to enter the railway sector, a sector with a worldwide growth of relevance, with cutting-edge technology and where Spain is a benchmark worldwide?

Do you want to develop a formative Curriculum that allows you to take a leap in your professional career?

We are railwaypeople!

Leedeo Academy is a benchmark in specialized training in the railway sector, covering different areas, from the technical part to the management. Companies need professional profiles according to the new market trends. Our training programs are specially designed to be applied immediately in current work environments.


The Leedeo Academy team has a common goal: the professional and personal development of its students. At Leedeo Academy we are committed to high quality training and innovation in all our courses. Our challenge is the training of competitive professionals in the 21st century within a highly competitive and globalized sector.

Leedeo Academy is part of the Leedeo Engineering business group, specialized in railway engineering services. Our daily performance in the sector allows us to be at the forefront of the latest technologies, needs, regulations, etc. In this way, we are incorporating into our training portfolio those curricular developments that are more attractive to the sector.