Study Online

The way people learn has changed

Today online education is a reality throughout the world, the number of people who are trained in online programs has grown more than 60% in recent years. Many of the European, Asian and American universities offer their programs and master's degrees at a distance. Educational innovation has occurred thanks to the emergence of new technological supports, which are changing the way in which people learn, creating enormous opportunities.

Leedeo Engineering, aware of this new reality, has opted for the development of an online training methodology. In this way, your students can benefit from the many advantages offered by this training modality.

Reconcile personal and work life

The active use of new technologies, flexible schedules and adaptation to the needs of the student of this type of training modality makes it possible to reconcile training activity with professional and family life.

At your own pace

That the student can set their study pace and their progress within the program according to their time arrangement is one of the great advantages of online training. Leedeo Engineering Programs allow each student to adapt their studies at their own pace, since the academic calendar is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each student. The student has an unlimited time to finish the courses in which they enroll,

Where and when you want

Online training allows studying at the time and place that the student wishes, as it adapts to the student's personal and professional circumstances (availability of time or geographic location, for example).

The flexibility of schedules, monitoring and personalized attention, as well as the possibility of professional and personal conciliation, as well as quick access to content through the virtual campus Google Classroom, from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) have allowed the consolidation of this training modality

The student is the protagonist

The student is the center of our training activity: all the contents and the educational model revolve around their needs.

Leedeo Engineering, become my future my passion. Your talent deserves a place of merit in the rail industry.