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FAQs: Frequent questions answered

How does Google Classroom work?

Google Classroom is a tool widely used in online training. Its use is free and allows a very simple communication between student and teacher. You can see in the following youtube video how it works. See video >>

You only need a free gmail account to enter the Google Classroom platform.

On what devices can I study?

You can follow the Leedeo Engineering lessons through Google Classroom, a multi-platform multi-service system. Therefore, you can study from any web browser or through an APP for tablet and smartphone. Maximum comfort and from anywhere.

Is the training given at Leedeo Engineering "regulated?"

Due to the highly professional characteristics of Leedeo Engineering training, the selected training course is its own and, therefore, is NOT regulated. This choice allows us to be flexible, change the syllabus as the sector changes or a new technology, solution, regulation, etc. appears, and define the objectives of the course for ourselves. Choosing the content of the master allows us to provide you with a value beyond technical knowledge and we can explain everything that goes beyond academics. More information on blended model >>

What does blended model mean?

We explain what our blended model is here >>

What does it mean that we provide non-academic knowledge?

We explain what our blended model is here >>

Take a look at Objective # 3

Who are the Leedeo Engineering Courses and Masters for?

Basically we normally have the following type of students_

  • Professionals with experience in the railway industry who want to acquire a broad knowledge in a new subject to redirect or promote in their professional career within the railway.
  • Engineers with an orientation, projection or initial experience in the railway sector who want to improve their technical or managerial knowledge.
  • Final year students or recent graduates who want to orient their career towards the world of railways without prior knowledge in the sector.


What are the advantages of being a Leedeo Academy Student or Alumni?

You can have free access to the Open Class that are held periodically as well as webinars. We will also keep you informed of the activities that we are developing throughout the year. In the same way, you will have free access to the publications that we are making in reference to railway engineering.

What is the enrollment process for a Leedeo Engineering Course or Master?

Enroll, or what is the same, enroll, in a Leedeo Engineering Course or Master, is tremendously simple. We explain it to you in this section of our website >>

What are the contents of the Masters?

For each of the Masters we have a section of the web where we explain its content in detail. You can also download the information brochure for each of the programs.

To navigate on this information we recommend the following section of our website >>

Is it necessary to have prior technical or business training?

No. The training programs are designed to be used by professionals of any academic level. That said, most of our students are either engineers or professionals who, in one way or another, have a relationship with the railway sector.

How is the student who has acquired all the knowledge of the Master evaluated?

For each module that corresponds to a lesson, a multiple choice exam must be completed on the online training platform itself. Passing this test ensures that the student has acquired the knowledge presented in the module,

What are the payment options?

You can see the Enrollment section >> the payment options.

You can pay the fees for the training program by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

How are the lessons?

Normally each lesson corresponds to a module. Each module is designed to be assimilated in one week, although the Master is open for 12 months. Each Module of the Master is normally organized in the same way:

  • Main document where the central contents of the module are presented and explained. It presents a theoretical part, numerous examples and practical cases with high graphic content.
  • Complementary documentation to reinforce concepts of the Module, usually in multimedia format. such as videos, articles, technical specifications, regulations, etc.

Who has created the training program?

The training program is created by various professionals in the sector who occupy relevant positions within their companies and who stand out for the area of knowledge for which they have prepared the training. This type of professional training makes us a unique online school due to its high knowledge of the sector in which we operate.

What do you have to do to get the Master's degree certificate? 

You just have to pass the tests that you will find at the end of each module.

What support is there for the resolution of doubts?

You will have direct contact with the teacher via the training platform or email.

How long do I have to pass the Master?

We stipulate a workload time of the Master, normally in weeks and that coincides with the number of modules. In other words, a Master with 12 modules will have a workload of 12 weeks. That said, all Masters will be open for at least 12 months in case a student needs to go at a slower pace than stipulated. Also, if you had a problem and these 12 months were not enough, there would be no problem is to apply an extension of a few more months.

What happens once you pass and conclude the Master?

We will send you by email and regular mail the Diploma certifying the training carried out. In addition, you can always have access to job offers and if you wish, we can inform you of the professional opportunities that our head hunting team may detect of interest to you.

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